Mustard Seed Thoughts

Coming Soon– a New Series of Books entitled
Mustard Seed Thoughts:
Fresh Faith and New Life

Sometimes we don’t fit inside the lines someone else tries to put us in. In 2 Timothy 2:9, Paul wrote “The Word of God is not chained.” With that in mind, Mustard Seed Thoughts begins a new series of books that examine frequently asked questions about the Christian faith and the author’s struggle to find answers. She shares her thoughts in the hope that they help seekers, skeptics, and believers reach a better understanding for themselves and their own spiritual growth.

Mustard Seed Thoughts are:

  • An undogmatic and reasoned approach to finding God today
  • A minister’s thoughts about life, love, good, evil, doubt, and faith
  • Who or what can we trust
  • How to confront worldly temptations and spiritual challenges
  • Bible history and stories
  • The message of the Bible and how it applies to our everyday life
  • Struggles with doubt, faith, and the meaning of life
  • God’s grace, love, and forgiveness shown to us through Jesus Christ

“Mustard Seed Thoughts is best consumed one chapter at a time with time afforded to ponder the questions at the end of each chapter. Not everyone will agree with every statement, position, or conclusion, but readers will certainly come away with a lot to think about. Rich with history about the Christian church, this book will appeal to those seeking understanding and guidance, a fresh perspective on spirituality, as well as a desire to question assumptions while hoping to strengthen faith.”

–Catherine Horn, Retired Educator/School Psychologist