Welcome to the Mustard Seed
Christian Faith Formation Series

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Here you will find resources for learning, teaching, and nourishing yourself and your loved ones on your spiritual journeys.


I am Anita Keire, a retired ordained minister, educator, workshop leader, and author of 27 books on the Christian faith that support and enlighten:

  • Churches
  • Teachers
  • Parents and grandparents
  • Busy Families
  • Religious seekers
  • Believers
  • The biblically illiterate
  • The non-affiliated (Nones)
  • Christian schools
  • Home schoolers


Parents should take an active role in their children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To help you on your spiritual journey, download a free copy of A Parent’s Guide to Prayer or purchase a print copy from Amazon. Read it and share it with family, friends, and Bible study and discussion groups.

One year’s program can only cover a limited part of the Bible. But each year’s learning builds an ever-expanding, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith. Lessons for the different grade levels parallel the cognitive learning curve of individuals. Efforts are made to improve critical thinking skills and moral reasoning. There are no tests and no competition. The Mustard Seed Series is a timeless, cost-effective investment.

Pre-Confirmation 1 and 2 and Confirmation Books could be called Christianity 101, 102, and 103. These Teacher and Student Books are written for middle schoolers, youth, and adults alike who want a larger grasp and understanding of the beliefs and scope of the Christian faith and history. These books also work well with adult study groups and for personal enlightenment.

Visit our blog that covers the fundamentals and challenges of teaching and spiritual matters that feature modern-day parables and today’s challenges.