Curriculum Information

The Mustard Seed Series Christian Faith Formation Curriculum is an exploration of the Christian faith. It is:

Rooted in Scripture

  • Centers on the Bible, its people, and their story
  • Covers the principal, important texts of the Old and New Testaments
  • Explores themes in the biblical text
  • Links biblical truths to life’s challenges
  • Analyzes the significance of biblical events for our lives as Christians

Spiritually Challenging

  • Emphasizes spiritual formation, worship, Christian discipleship, and service
  • Teaches children how to pray
  • Encourages children and adults to question and wonder about God and God’s world
  • Helps young and old develop Christian beliefs, identity, and commitment

Educationally Sound

  • Adapts its program to accommodate for age differences and cognitive skills
  • Presents our faith story coherently and chronologically
  • Creates a solid foundation for growth in the faith
  • Develops students’ critical and interpretive thinking skills from a Christian perspective
  • Uses literature, fine arts, and music to enrich the students’ educational experience

Teacher Friendly

  • Makes teacher recruitment for Sunday Schools easier due to comprehensive Mustard Seed Series material
  • Now that the MSS is available to non-church settings, home schooler instructors can easily adapt the Mustard Seed Series lessons for their use and guidance in the faith
  • Prepares teachers for each class with thorough lesson plans
  • Keeps students engaged with good discussion starters and interactive activities
  • See Testimonials for users’ experiences

Broadly Based

  • Offers 30+ lessons for each of ten grade levels from Kindergarten through Confirmation
  • Allows for group grading
  • Encourages teachers to review the Christian faith story
  • Encourages adult education using Pre-Confirmation 1 and 2 and Confirmation programs

Denominationally Sensitive

  • Lends itself to the incorporation of denominational material
  • Follows the church calendar by interspersing special lessons on Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.

Learn more by opening each grade level book to find the Table of Contents and a sample lesson from both the Teacher and Student Book.