Mustard Seed Series Testimonials

Every time I teach with your curriculum I mean to write…Your structured approach and “talking points” give us the framework to get through our class with confidence. When I think back to my panicky trips to art supply stores for any sort of craft project to keep a class of third graders from turning into an out-of-control mob, the long planning sessions with my co-teacher, the do it yourself theology planning—all overlaid onto a stressed and hectic schedule of parenting and work…All different this year! We can’t believe the change the Mustard Seed Series make for quality of life for teachers, and real lessons and learning for the students. The pieces all work together—teacher’s guide, student books, A Parent’s Guide to Prayer, Bible readings, activities, discussion and ongoing weekly themes like the Lord’s Prayer…It really works! Basically, the Series shows that you understand that Sunday School teachers are ‘amateurs’, ‘weekend warriors’ with other things on their minds. You give us what we need to perform like a pro…Thanks again—we are blessed by your fine work.
-NY Presbyterian Church

The Mustard Seed Series gave us the chronological, in-depth Bible instruction we were looking for. Our teachers appreciate the detailed lesson plans, and our Rector said the last confirmation class was the best prepared ever.
-NY Episcopal Church

The Mustard Seed Series meets the developmental needs of our children. The format is user friendly.
-NY Presbyterian Church

Our teachers like the Bible based curriculum, find that it is age appropriate, easy to teach and not all arts and crafts. There are meaningful lessons for all children regardless of age.
-IND UCC Church

This is the first curriculum I’ve seen in years that has it all! The sense of continuity, the up-to-date biblical scholarship, the interesting presentation of material and the “teacher friendly” lesson plans make the Mustard Seed Series a pleasure to teach. Our teachers love the fact they are learning so much themselves, without having to go to other sources. The inclusion of fine art and literature only adds to the uniqueness of this curriculum. It is exciting to know that someone has finally figured out what both the teachers and students need to make Christian Education come alive!
-NJ Presbyterian Church

Rather than presenting one-dimensional accounts of God, biblical people, and past events, the Mustard Seed Series allows the children to live inside the biblical stories. Our faith story is presented in such a way that children’s understanding of it grows with them. This Series helps faith come alive for our teachers and students.
-VA Baptist Church

The diversity is such a strong point: short stories, modern and classical paintings, activities—student participation is very high and should help them remember and consider.
-NY Reformed Church

We are extremely happy to have such a coherent, challenging, well-structured Sunday School curriculum. Our children are bringing home learned concepts for discussion with their parents. The building-block approach of this Series is one of its great strengths.
-NY Reformed Church

The children respond well to the stories and enjoy the hands-on activities. There are plenty of activities to choose from in the curriculum. The Series is wonderful. You don’t have to be a teacher to use it or have a strong background in the Bible. The text is self-explanatory. It even tells you what materials to keep on hand for projects and crafts.
-CT Episcopal Church

Incorporating classical literature like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the video Jesus of Nazareth is a streak of brilliance. Why haven’t other publishers been willing to try this? Having been burned in the past, our teachers said things like “These curriculum guides are all the same. They are filled with activities that couldn’t possibly work with our seventh graders.” Yet, after following the Teacher’s Book, they began to say things like, “I can’t believe it! This was written by someone who really knows kids! Everything works!”
-WI UCC Church

This program is outstanding; we are quite, quite pleased. The teachers find it easy to prepare and appreciate the depth of the material.
-OH Lutheran Church

I really like the solid grounding in Bible stories that is provided by the theme-based Mustard Seed Series…The themes, over a period of time, reinforce the learning of Scripture. The teachers appreciate the weekly variety of material that can be adapted to the strengths and learning levels of the children.
-B.C Anglican Church

Our Sunday School is very pleased with the Mustard Seed Series. They learn Bible content…as well as some historical context. There are ample opportunities for discussion to link the lesson with contemporary issues. Excellent resource materials are provided for the teachers. The lesson plans are clear and easy to follow. There is plenty of material, allowing for flexibility in structuring each class.
-Ontario Anglican Church