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The Parable of the Lightbulb

God speaks to us in many different ways. But are we listening and aware of God’s presence and message?

A beautiful, old tall night table lamp began to flicker occasionally when it was turned on. The householder paid no attention to it so long as it functioned and provided the necessary light. Then one night, the householder was reading in bed when sparks ignited a fire around the lightbulb’s socket. She reached to turn off the lamp’s switch but realized she would burn her hands. So she pulled the plug and the power behind the fire was extinguished.

The next day, she looked on the internet to purchase replacement lamps. In her search, she learned that lamps had maximum proscribed light-bulb wattage. Perhaps the light bulb she was using exceeded the limitations built into the lamp. Perhaps her home was almost lost for violating the lamp’s creator’s restrictions which were forgotten or ignored for years.

It took more than a week for the stench of the fire to dissipate.

Think about it:

  • Are we like a lamp with built-in limitations?
  • Are we aware of them and their importance to our lives?
  • Should we let these limitations govern our lives? What happens then?
  • In a dire circumstance has the plug ever been pulled on you? What happened then?
  • If you believe God is the creator of the universe, what are the consequences if we do or do not observe and/or restrict our behavior in accordance with God’s will as conveyed to us through Moses, the prophets, and Jesus?
  • What will happen to the old table lamp?