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Does Might Make Right

Imagine you are traveling during rush hour in the middle lane heading North on I-95. You are stuck behind an 18-wheeler and hemmed in on both sides by smaller trucks. In essence you cannot see what lies ahead. Nor will the trucks on either side of you let you cut in front of them. In about five miles, you want to exit the turnpike to get to your destination. What can you do to ensure your safety, those in your car, and those behind you?

How many civilians around the world find themselves in a similar situation with their leaders? Do they have to or should they continue to blindly follow their leaders if they are similarly stuck behind an 18-wheeler?

Russian protestors against the Ukrainian war and Putin’s despotism are beaten and jailed. The same happens to Myanmar protestors against their military coup leaders.

Think About It

  • If you are in a no win situation, what actions can you or should you take?
  • How important is it to take action?
  • What can civilians do?
  • What will be the consequences of their actions?