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The Birth of Jesus

“This very day in David’s town your Savior was born—Christ the Lord! …You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.
(Luke 2:11-12)

In Luke 2, we read that there is no room in the inn for Mary to give birth to Jesus. The non-literal interpretation of this event could mean that we, too, symbolically have no room for Jesus in our lives. Jesus enters this world under very adverse circumstances. He is born in a stable to a simple maiden who does not even have the luxury of home, midwife, or doctor. Yet Jesus, who represented God on earth, entered this world and subjected Himself to worldly circumstances which dictated how He entered and left this world. God had no intentions to disrupt this world by physical force or by rearranging political systems.

God has different intentions. God wants to reach people through love, His love and our love for each other. Yet many of us are afraid of God’s presence in our lives. The reasons are many. They range from unwillingness to admit that we are not in control of our lives to not wanting to live our lives for God or anyone else but ourselves. Often we build walls around ourselves so as not to be hurt by anyone or anything. These walls break communications and love between God and ourselves and each other. Yet these walls are no guarantee against hardships, disappointments, illness, separation, and death of loves ones. In fact these walls may be our self-imposed jailer. When adversities occur, many of us become bitter and blame God for them.

But if we would only try to understand the Christmas message, we can discover the truth about God and God’s purpose. God wants to tear down our walls of separation. God wants us to be vulnerable to love. As the angels said to the shepherds: “Be not afraid.” God wants us to understand that He has only our good in mind. The shepherds leave their flocks to see the glory of God. We need to do likewise. We need to leave behind all that prevents us from loving God.

You see, love is a hunger. God knows of our deep yearning to love and be loved. That is why God gives us the gift of love in Jesus. He is born into an indifferent and unloving world. God knows that some people are afraid to risk love. They fear being hurt or rejected. Yet Jesus loved and forgave those who would someday hurt and reject Him and put Him on a cross to die. For those that hurt, God knows that love is the great healer. He knows that beneath our rough exteriors beats a heart that cries out: “Hold me. Love Me. I need you. Only your love can save me from my self-imposed exile from others.” That is why God gives us Jesus, the gift of love.

Think About It

    • What is the symbolic meaning that there was no room in the inn for Mary?
    • How is Jesus the gift of love? What makes you think so?
    • Why has God allowed the evil in this world to exist?

Why do some blame God for the adversities in their lives?